Battery MT516F 3027 3MY 3027.3MZ for Solar watches (Code: )

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Manufacturer code: 30273MY, 30273MZ, 302729N
Price: 1250.00 RUB
Type: Battery / Capacitor. Voltage: 1.5 V. Also known as: 30273MY, 30273MZ, 302729N, Seiko 3027.3MY, Seiko 3027.3MZ, Seiko 3027.29N, Seiko MT516F or Seiko MT516F with connector. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- These Seiko 3027.3MY devices were originally not batteries at all, but miniature capacitors. More recently however, Seiko has upgraded their specification and replaced them with minute rechargeable batteries. This is a genuine Seiko watch capacitor / battery for use in Seiko solar cell watches. Consisting of a MT 516F with special connector plates, this Seiko part 3027.3MZ is a replacement capacitor for the following Seiko watch movement calibres: 3M21 3M21A 3M22 3M22A 3M42 3M42A 3M62 3M62A V103 V10 If you don't find the movement calibre you are looking for, contact us.